Account financial limit

Account Top-up monthly limit

  • You can top up your account with up to 20,000 Saudi Riyals per month (Gregorian calendar).

  • Your spending is also capped at 20,000 Saudi Riyals each month.

  • The balance in your account should not exceed 20,000 Saudi Riyals at any time.

  • The maximum top-up for the current month is linked to your account balance at the start of the month.

  • Any funds received from other sources like transfers are considered as a 'pending balance'. i.e., if your account exceeds the 20,000 Saudi Riyal limit, these will be gradually deposited in the following month(s).

Illustrative examples:

  1. Ahmed topped up his account with SAR 20,000 at the start of January and spent SAR 8,000 during the month.
    In February, he spent the remaining SAR 12,000. He tried to top up SAR 20,000 again in February, but the app only allowed him to top up SAR 8,000.

  2. Fatima topped up her account with SAR 20,000 in March. She spent SAR 10,000 in the same month and another SAR 5,000 in the next month (April). Her remaining balance is SAR5,000. She cannot top up more than SAR 10,000 in April.

  3. Hassan topped up his account with SAR 20,000 in May but didn't spend anything that month. In June, he spent the entire balance. He can not top up anything during  June.

  4. Almohannad topped up his account with SAR 20,000 before the end of the month. He only spent SAR 1,000 of it, and when the new month came in, He spent SAR 19,000. He will be able to add only SAR 1,000 in the same month.

  5. Nora topped up her account with SAR 20,000 in July and spent SAR 15,000. In August, she spent the remaining SAR 5,000 and tried to top up another SAR 20,000, but she could only top up SAR 15,000 until the end of August.

  6. Omar topped up his account with SAR 18,000 and spent it all before the end of the same month. Next month, Omar can Top-up SAR 20,000. 

  7. Albaraa topped up his account with SAR 10,000 in January and didn't spend anything. In February, he Top-up another SAR 10,000 and didn't spend anything. In March, Albaraa spent all of his balance. Baraa won't be able to add any amount to his balance during March, but he can Top-up up to SAR 20,000 in the following month: April.


Can I request to increase my monthly account limit?

Our services are subject to the supervision and oversight of the Saudi Central Bank for providing electronic wallet and payment services under an EMI license, which obligates us to a maximum wallet limit of 20,000 Saudi Riyals. This measure has been implemented to enhance security, transparency, and resilience in the financial technology sector to ensure the safety of your funds and protect you from potential financial risks.