Add your card to mada Pay

Adding a Tweeq Card to mada Pay Wallet

  1. Download the mada Pay app from the official app store, Google Play.

  2. Tap the 'Add Card' icon at the bottom left of the screen.

  3. Add the card to the Mada Pay app using one of the following methods:

    • Enter the card number in the designated field.

    • Scan the card with the phone's camera by pressing the camera icon in the card number field.

  4. Enter the card's expiry date.

  5. Read and agree to the terms and conditions.

  6. Request the authentication code via text message, then press 'Continue'.

  7. Enter the code sent to your registered mobile phone.


What is the mada Pay app?
mada Pay is an app for Android smartphones that allows holders of cards issued by Saudi banks or financial technology companies to store their cards in the app and make payments at various points of sale.

What are the technical requirements for using mada Pay?

  • An Android smartphone with version 5.1 or above.

  • The phone must support Near Field Communication (NFC) technology.

  • Your device should not be jailbroken.

Is mada Pay available for iOS devices?
mada Pay only works on Android devices.

Can I Add All My Tweeq Cards to mada pay?
You can add your Tweeq Mada and Edge cards by following the same card-adding steps.

Can I add a Tweeq card to my mada Pay and Apple Pay wallets?
Yes, if you have another device operating on iOS, you can add a Tweeq card to it.

Are there any fees for adding a Tweeq card to mada Pay or for making payments through it?
There are no fees for adding the card to mada pay. Furthermore, mada does not charge any fees for using mada Pay.
The same applies to the Tweeq app; there are no additional fees for using a Tweeq card to pay via mada Pay.

How can I use mada Pay to make payments?
You can use mada Pay at all local or international stores (supporting Mada or Mastercard payment networks) where the merchant's point-of-sale devices support NFC technology. To pay using mada Pay, place your phone over the point of sale device like a card payment process.

Is paying with mada Pay secure?
Mada Pay protects data through a comprehensive encryption platform, encrypting payment data and storing it on secure servers to ensure card data is not leaked to any third party. Your data is not shared with merchants when making a payment.

How can I remove a card from mada Pay app?
To remove a card from your mada pay app: open mada pay app, select the card you wish to remove, Tap on 'Delete card', and confirm deletion.

Does freezing my card in Tweeq App stop operations on the mada App?
Yes, freezing the card in the Tweeq app is sufficient to stop operations on mada app. Once frozen in the app, no transactions will be executed on mada app.