Personal finance management enables users to understand their financial situation clearly to make the most of their assets in day-to-day life and in planning for the future. This can be done by introducing two significant components: Analytics to understand their spending and Budgeting to control it. So, the mission is now on us to help better manage people's spending.


  1. By Categories: This filter organizes users' expenditures into various predefined categories, such as groceries, entertainment, utilities, or travel. By categorizing spending, users can see where most of their money is going, highlighting areas where they might be overspending. This segmentation can help in creating more focused budgets and financial plans.

  2. By Merchants: This filter breaks down spending according to the merchants or stores where purchases are made. It can show how much a user spends at specific retailers or service providers, offering insights into shopping habits or vendor preferences. This can be useful for identifying frequent spending at particular outlets and tracking expenditures with specific merchants over time.

  3. By Countries: This filter is especially useful for travel or international transactions. It shows spending divided by country, providing a clear view of how much is spent abroad compared to domestic expenditures. This can help monitor travel expenses, manage foreign transaction fees, and understand the financial impact of international spending.

Update transaction category

This feature leverages the collective wisdom of our user base, allowing users to modify their transactions' categorization if they believe they have been inaccurately classified. It enhances user control over financial tracking but also aids in improving the platform's data accuracy.

To update a transaction's category: navigate to the transaction details from the home screen and tap on the transaction category to modify it.