Get Tweeq mada card

With Tweeq you can get a digital debit card when you open an account, it will take less than a minute, and you will have full control of your card settings in the app, in top of that if a digital card is not your thing and you would like to get your card in your hand you are a few steps away to do that by ordering the card from Tweeq app, we will deliver it directly to you any way you want inside The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

⚠️ Note: The option to request Tweeq's physical cards is currently unavailable.

Order your physical card

  1. Tap on Cards (💳) at the bottom menu

  2. Tap on: Get your card now

  3. you will get a verification call at your registered phone number

  4. after the call confirmation, the card will be processed in a few seconds


How can I get the digital card?

  1. Tap on Cards (💳) at the bottom menu

  2. Tap on at Get your card now

  3. Enter the OTP sent to your registered phone number

How many digital cards can I get?
In the meantime, you can only get one digital card

Can I use my digital card for online purchases?
Yes, it will surely work if the online store has Mada or Mastercard networks; however, if the store doesn’t have Mada or Mastercard, the payment might succeed, but it will cost you additional fees.

What is the Validity of Tweeq cards?
Tweeq card validity for both digital and physical cards is 5 years from the digital card's creation date.

Is there a chance Tweeq will freeze my card if I don’t use it?
If we notice that no activities are happening in the account for a long period of time, we might freeze your account, and we will inform you before any action takes place; upcoming are the scenarios that could lead to a freezing account:

  1. Zero balance for 90 days since the account opening

  2. Zero balance for 4 years after using the account

  3. D/Iqama expired without updating it or didn’t update the personal information for a long time

  4. the account has been inactive for 5 years

  5. Exiting the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia permanently (non-Saudi users)