Personal and contact details

One of our goals at Tweeq is to give our customers full control of their accounts by having several options for account settings such as the ability to add and update your personal information and your contact details, privacy&Security settings, Notifications settings, controlling the language settings and much more settings options will be coming soon

Edit your contact information

  1. Tap on Profile (👤) in the bottom bar menu

  2. Tap on contact details

  3. Add or Edit your Phone number, Email, and your address

  4. Verify your phone number and Email

Add your Email

Through the registration process, adding your Email address is not required. However, we would like to have several options for contacting you (when required). Don’t worry. We will not send you any promotional emails unless we have your agreement, so please add your email to help us identify you more efficiently if you reach us through Email.

  1. Tab on 'Add' beside the email address section

  2. Add your email

  3. Complete the verification process

    1. Check your email inbox

    B. Open the email with the title: Verify your email | Tweeq

    C. Click on 'Verify Email' button to complete verification.

Update your customer information

All financial institutions in Saudi Arabia are obliged to adhere to the legislation of the Saudi Central Bank. One such regulation concerns the process of identifying a customer who opens an account. This is a mandatory procedure for clients opening accounts. They must fill out a customer information form known as Know Your Customer (KYC). The information in this form helps financial institutions better understand their clients and financial operations and manage their risks more effectively. To update the customer information, follow the steps below:

  1. Tap on Profile (👤) in the bottom bar menu

  2. Tap on Customer information

  3. Keep the following details up-to-date

  • Monthly income

  • Employment status

  • Job title Profession

  • Relationship with politically exposed persons