Suspecting Fraud?

Reporting fraud case

If you suspect that there is a fraud operation going on with your card, please make sure to:

Step 1: Freeze your card:
  1. Tap on Cards (💳) at the bottom menu

  2. Select the card you want to freeze

  3. Click on Freeze card (🔒) to freeze the card

  4. Confirm freezing your card by clicking on Freeze card

Step 2: Contact us immediately to report the case and allow us to investigate:
  • 📞 Call us from inside Saudi at 800 440 2030

  • 📞 Call us from outside KSA * at 00966 9200 2 2030

  • 🐦 Contact us on our X account: @Tweeqcare

  • ✉️ Email us at:

* There might be additional fees for international calls from the network operator