Tweeqtag 🔜

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Tweeqtag is a unique feature of the Tweeq app that provides users with a personalized username to receive payments. It is an essential aspect of the app, as it enables users to send and receive money easily. This article will cover the rules for selecting a TweeqTag, changing it, and using it to send and receive money.

Tweeqtag Rules

When selecting your Tweeqtag, please keep in mind the following rules:

  • Special characters such as !, ?, @, #, $, %, &, :, etc. are not allowed. This ensures that all Tweeqtags are easily remembered and quickly shared with others.

  • The name must be in English. This rule is in place to ensure that Tweeqtags are accessible to a broad audience and can be easily understood by all users.

  • The name must be at least 3 characters long.

  • The name cannot be longer than 21 characters. This maximum length requirement is in place to ensure that Tweeqtags are not too long, which could make it difficult for other users to remember or share.

To reserve a Tweeqtag, all users must invite at least one friend to join our waiting list.

Possible Issues

While using Tweeqtag, users may encounter several issues. Some of the possible issues are:

  • Selecting a Tweeqtag that is already taken: If a user tries to select a Tweeqtag that another user already takes, they will be prompted to choose a different name. This can be frustrating for users who may have already spent time coming up with a unique name.

  • Changing Tweeqtag after account activation: Users may regret their Tweeqtag choice or want to change it for other reasons. However, Tweeq only allows users to change their Tweeqtag once after setting it for the first time.


Can I change my Tweeqtag?
You can change your Tweeqtag only once after setting it for the first time. Once you start using the app, your Tweeqtag will be associated with your account, and you can't change it. So, choose it carefully.

Can I use an old Tweeqtag if I change it?
No, you cannot use an old Tweeqtag to receive payments. You can only receive payments with your active Tweeqtag.

Can I send money using Tweeqtag?
Not now! But soon, in the coming App release

How can I request money using Tweeqtag?
Not now! But soon, in the coming App release

Can I use my Tweeqtag to receive money from non-Tweeq users?
You cannot use your Tweeqtag to receive money from non-Tweeq users. Tweeqtag can only be used between Tweeq users.

Can I report an inappropriate Tweeqtag?
If you encounter an inappropriate TweeqTag used by a user, don't hesitate to contact us and provide us with the TweeqTag. We will investigate the matter promptly.

How can I hide my Tweeqtag?

  1. Tap on Profile (👤) in the bottom bar menu

  2. Tap on Privacy & security

  3. Under 'Discoverability', Turn the toggle off "Make my Tweeqtag public"