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Create your account in seconds

Create your account in a few seconds, directly from your phone, without the need to visit any branch.

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Control your money with ease

Budget your spending, get instant notifications, and get full financial visibility.

Brilliant features

Pay and request money without sharing your information.

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Tweeq App | Quick payment with QR codesQuick payment with QR codes
Tweeq App | Fully control your card through the appFully control your card through the app
Tweeq App | A new level of security to stay safeA new level of security to stay safe
Tweeq App | Plan and achieve your financial goalsPlan and achieve your financial goals
Save and spend with confidenceSave and spend with confidence

Amazing cards

Plastic and virtual cards designed specially for your taste and needs

Lock/Unlock card
Enable card blocking
Pay safely with online payment
Enable online payments
Travel and have fun with Payment abroad
Enable your card internationally

With one touch, you can activate and deactivate services
As much as you want at any time

Do you need a new card? In tweeq you can use the virtual card in just a few seconds.

Join us and choose the best for your financials

Join Tweeq and experience the difference in saving and managing your money better


Tweeq is a Saudi financial technology company created to contribute to building a thriving digital financial sector by developing Tweeq application, which will enable you to open an account and obtain an electronic payment card in addition to conducting all your daily transactions such as payments, transfers, cash withdrawals and much more without visiting any branch.

Tweeq account allows you to receive and spend money, and you can manage all your operations from Tweeq app, without the need to visit any branch.

The application will also help you create financial savings plans and set a monthly budget to achieve your financial goals in innovative ways.

You can now join the waiting list and be one of the first to benefit from the application's services, and we will notify you upon launching the application to create your Tweeq account.

By transferring money to your account in Tweeq , we will also provide you with innovative ways to add money to your account through our application.

You can get a brilliant payment card as soon as you create your account, and it will be delivered to your address in a short time. In addition, the digital card will be activated automatically so that you can make purchases via the Internet and Apple Pay.

We always and continuously listen to your opinions, which helps us to add many important features to the Twaiq app. First, you will be able to perform the following operations:

  • Pay your bills with ease
  • Electronic money transfers
  • Use an ATM card to complete your purchases
  • Local and international shopping through points of sale
  • Online shopping
  • Receive instant transfers from other Tweeq users

Yes, by using the (plastic-metal) payment card from Tweeq

The main difference is that we provide our services completely digital You can open an account and do all financial services without having to go to the branch.

We do not provide cash deposit services nor do we issue checks or offer loans or credit cards.

Yes, Tweeq app is safe, as we followed the best security and protection standards to preserve your privacy, and protect your money, and protect you from fraud.