Edge card Terms & Conditions

The following provisions shall apply to the card offered by Tweeq, in addition to the terms stated in the Tweeq Card Terms and Conditions to which this document shall form an integral part and should be read in conjunction with the terms included in the card application form.

● Cashback Program: is the program that will allow customers to spend on Tweeq card and earn cash according to the eligible Transactions.
● Cashback: means the amount that will be credited to Tweeq Card as set forth in this document or as decided by Tweeq
● Eligible Transactions: are all retail transactions, at point of sale or online, charged to Tweeq card, except for the excluded transactions.
● Misuse: means the utilization of Tweeq card must meet personal spend and not be used for commercial purposes.

Tweeq Cashback Cardholders are eligible to receive Cashback which is an accrued amount earned on eligible transactions as set forth in this document, as decided by Tweeq at its absolute discretion and which shall be credited to the Tweeq Card after the transaction is received.

Note: The transaction settlement and reconciliation might take from 2 to 7 days to be posted.

Tweeq is entitled, at any time and with prior notice to the Cardholder in any manner whatsoever, to terminate the Tweeq card and/or vary its benefits or features, and/or vary, add to or delete any of the terms and conditions outlined herein, and/or modify or limit the value of Cashback awarded, and/or the manner of which the Cashback is awarded and the Cardholder shall be bound by such variations and amendments. The latest provisions in such connection will be available on the Tweeq website. It is the Cardholders’ responsibility to ensure that they are apprised of the provisions and any changes thereof relating to the Card at all times. Tweeq’s decision on all matters relating to the Tweeq Card shall be final and binding on the Cardholder.

The minimum spend required to be eligible for a Cashback is 1SAR.

Tweeq will not be responsible for providing Cashback for purchases at merchant outlets/franchisees that have not registered themselves under the MCCs assigned for each spend category by Mastercard.

Misuse of the Tweeq Card to effect fictitious transactions through POS terminals at merchant outlets or through other means shall not be eligible for Cashback also the card must meet personal spend and not be used for commercial purposes and Tweeq has the right to cancel the card and reclaimed the cashback amount.

Any reversal/part reversal of transactions will result in the withdrawal of Cashback awarded. Tweeq reserves the right to adjust against Cashback for future Eligible transactions or to charge the equivalent value of such Cashback credited directly from the Card Account without prior notice.

Any Cashback accumulated and not credited into the Card Account will be cancelled if the Card is:
● Closed.
● Not in good standing in the opinion of Tweeq
● The Cardholder’s Cashback Card has expired and was not renewed;
● There has been a breach of the terms and conditions; or
● Any other event, which, in the sole discretion of Tweeq should result in the cancellation of the Tweeq Card.

Any decision about whether spend on purchases qualify as an Eligible Transaction for the purposes of Cashback and/or how spend are classified for each Cashback category shall be at the sole discretion of Tweeq.

Unless otherwise stated, all Eligible Transactions, charged to Tweeq Card are eligible for Cashback as per the categories defined above except for the following exclusions:
● Any fee and charges
● Sale of new and used cars and motorcycles, and its maintenance services.
● Balance transfer / money transfer
● Cash withdrawals.
● Charity, legal services, TAX payments and protection agencies.
● Utilities services.
● Wallets balance loaded.
● Payments for educational institutions.
● Gas/Fuel stations.
● Real estate office payments.
● Public transport services (buses/trains/ferries/ships, etc.)

This terms and conditions is executed in English and Arabic. In case of discrepancy between Arabic and English, the Arabic shall prevail. Every dispute arising between the parties in connection with this terms and conditions shall be referred to the competent judicial authority in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Subject to the control and supervision of the Central Bank

Subject to the control and supervision of the Central Bank

Subject to the control and supervision of the Central Bank